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hospitality-1.jpgIn hotels, restaurants and fast food chains, digital signage solutions are becoming increasingly important.
Especially in conference and business hotels electronic signage can be found increasingly in the form of digital door-signs, floor plans and event room management systems.

In many higher-end hotels special hotel TV sets can be found.
In this example, the hotel can determine channels, import your own or pay-TV-channels and more. Menus, room service and booked appointments can also be shown.

In restaurants, bars and fast food restaurants, operators often show - besides entertainment content such as music videos - their menus or daily specials.
The flexibility of the system is that menus and prices can be changed at any time. The menu will be adjusted immediately. In addition to a better image and marketing effects, this result for the operator in cost savings.


Hospitality Solutions by Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro and their Partners have the most appropriate Solution which meets each Hospitality needs, including:

  • Reception Desk Information
  • Wayfinding
  • Activities
  • Broadcast of weather forecast, trafic, news
  • and much more ...

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